A one Jamaikan dis
wha nuh fraid fi chat de language





Kokumo is a UK based artist, born in the ‘Cock-Pit Country’ of Jamaica. A child of the Social Revolution era, which lends to his development as a social commentator. He also credited this to the shaping of his Mind-set and attitudes towards society and life in general.


Considered as not just a poet, but a cultural anthropologist and dub-griot, who uses his skills as a singer/songwriter to captivate an audience, whilst taking them on a dub-poetical journey.


Kokumo’s mastery of his Jamaican language and his experimental use of English idiom is skilfully woven in his poetry, exposing the richness of his cultural background. This complexity have drawn attention from not just his contemporaries, but also those in the academic arenas. From French journalism students and professionals, to students of linguistics.

gifted creative artist, with unrivaled passion and zeal for the arts.
Dennis Edwards
performer steeped in ritual and tradition with a fresh edge.
Zena Edwards
and boldness to voice his opinions & examine his world through art.
Andrew Jackson